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The Vital Three of Authentic Leadership

Unconditionally Embrace Yourself


Many people believe they need to ‘fix’ something about themselves. This belief is attention and time-consuming and often false. With Human Design we zero in on who you are, how you make decisions and how best to be interacting with others.  Clients consistently comment on the positive impacts of knowing their Designs.

When we embrace who we are, interact with empowerment, the results we generate increase profoundly.

The Leadership By Design Philosophy

Navigate Life Empowered

Are your gaps  found in the Navigate Life Empowered layer.  Many professionals seek out the next training / certification program, believing they need more knowledge, when what they are missing are one of the ‘Fundamental Five Empowerment Skills’ of: responsibility, self-worth, requests & demands, transparent conversations and trust.  For example: making effective requests & demands, increases your delegation & team building skills.

Empowerment supports you to employ your skills and knowledge to vision, plan, build and reap rewards.

Vision, Plan, Build

Gaps in leadership skills can prevent us from reaching our goals or slow our progress.  Knowing what gaps are most crucial to fill for the biggest benefit is what we bring to our clients.  Are you missing technical or skill knowledge? We will help you identify your Vision, Plan, Build gaps.

Take our Leadership Assessment.

Change Can Happen Quickly

Change can happen quickly:  a case study


One of my clients, a medical professional, recently opened his own practice.  While he had incredible skill and credentials in his field (the Vision, Plan, Build layer) he knew he had issues with empowerment and his executive skills.  We learned, via Human Design,  that he is geared for consistent high action and is a naturally quick decision maker (the Embrace Yourself layer), though he didn’t trust his decision making.   Exploring his level of empowerment, it became clear that he did not have experience honoring his needs and setting clear boundaries (the Empowerment layer).  As he gained confidence in these areas:  trusting a  faster decision-making process, honoring his needs and setting clear boundaries, his business acumen increased dramatically.  Now all the past learning about staff management, delegation and business planning could actually stick!

Recently he said, “Cathy, you told me that I wouldn’t recognize myself after 6 months.  I didn’t believe you then.  But I do now.”  He went on to share an event that happened that day that would double his business!


Fill Your Gaps

Getting Started


For Individuals

For Partners

For Professionals

Getting Started

It is really quite simple:  let’s talk!  It all starts with a conversation where we can both learn about each other. I am happy to meet in person or to talk on the phone. I will explain my services and see that you get all of your questions answered.

If my work resonates with you, we can talk about the next step that is right for you.  Sometimes a client just wants a single session, sometimes the client knows they want a longer engagement. I welcome engagments in all shapes and sizes.

Just give me a call at 360.480.0183 to start your process.

Services for Individuals
  • Individual Human Design Consultations
  • Empowerment Skills Training – Learn the Vital 5
  • Healthy Money Habits & Money Motivation
  • Your Personal Mission, Vision & Core Values
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Personal Leadership
  • Career Fit
Services for Partners

Whether you are in a personal or professional relationship, these services will support you to empower your relationship and grow you understanding and capacity for collaboration and joint progress:

  • Human Design for Partners
  • Human Design for Families
  • Empowerment Skills
  • Empowering Relationships
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Mission, Vision & Core Values for Your Partnership
  • Powerful Conversations
  • Equine-Facilitated Learning Retreats at My Farm
  • Creating Momentum & Results
  • Healthy Money Habits
Services for Professionals
  • The Executive Mindset
  • Leadership for Business Owners & Executive
  • Business Mission, Vision & Core Values
  • Creating Momentum & Results
  • Human Design for Your Professional World
  • Applying Your Custom Tailored Success Formula
  • The Art of Prioritization
  • Business & Project Planning for Your Style
  • Delegation: Generating Results by Empowering Others
  • Creating Team & Team Building
  • Money Habits for Professionals

What Clients Say

Cathy Rivers, you CHANGED my life!  I know that’s a bold statement but it’s absolutely true.  Your guidance and reading of my Human Design chart was like a gigantic A HA!  

For so many years, I tried to act like “everyone else” and exhausted myself with the effort.  Once you explained my Human Design to me I saw that my unique way of seeing the world was absolutely perfect! Finally, I could start to really appreciate my own gifts and talents and stop making myself wrong for everything that was right about me. 

The best part?  My business has really taken off because I was finally able to use my energy in the most efficient manner, look for the “right” invitations rather than try and “force” things to happen.  

I highly recommend that if you’re ready to really step into your most powerful self,  schedule a session to chat with Cathy.  Trust me – your life will never be the same! (and that’s a GOOD thing!!)

Shannon Presson

Coach, Trainer, Speaker, ShannonPresson.com

Over my 12+ years as a technology entrepreneur, I started three different companies.  I sunk all of my heart, soul and funds into my last company and had to put the company on the shelf for business and personal reasons.  I was at a point where I had no money, no real job prospects and a family to take care of.  Also, I was dealing with the end of my company and various levels of doubts about myself as a business person and a provider for my family.  With all of this emotion and doubt, I  found it hard to move forward in life and I was so confused as to why I was not successful which only made it more difficult to focus on “getting a job”.

I was introduced to Cathy by my wife to offer some assistance and guidance.  Boy, did she ever!  Cathy leveraged the science of human design and worked with me to best understand who I am, my strengths and weaknesses.  Through Cathy’s abilities, generous listening and spot-on coaching, I went from no job prospects to creating a job with a new technology company in just few weeks.  With Cathy’s insights and coaching, I was finally able to understand and own my value such that I could inspire and motivate a company to create a position for me and hire me!

Thank you Cathy for opening up my eyes to who I am so I can be the business person, husband and father that I am today.


Technology Entrepreneur,

Remember that moment in The Wizard of Oz movie where everything shifts from unyielding black and white to glorious technicolor?  That’s what it’s like to work with Cathy Rivers.  One of the tools she uses is the Human Design model, but the  insights that bring the model to life are all Cathy’s.  It has been emancipating to my whole way of being to recognize, honor and rely on my own unique decision-making style.  Gone is the brick wall.  Gone is the toed line.  Present is the sunrise of opportunity to be in this world AS I AM.

Leslie Salisbury Demich

Owner, Body in Balance Jin Shin Jyustu

Thanks so much for your friendship and guidance over the past year! I doubled my production 2013 production in 2014 and I did it my way! I took 10 vacations and ran 9 ½ marathons…..and I had a tons of fun along the way either hiking or skiing every Wednesday. BAM!

Life is good and I really can’t thank you enough for helping me with my journey. You are a GEM!!!!

Kathy Taylor Reed

Residential Loan Officer, Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Whether in a seminar, or one-to-one, I find that Cathy has the wonderful ability to ask me that targeted question that causes me to dig down deep to understand why I’m using an undesired tactic. She assists me in reinforcing my commitment to always make good choices for myself. She’s a great listener, with great ideas to suggest. I recommend her without exception.

Diane Vasarkovy

Delightfully Retired,

My biggest challenge with money before I started working with Cathy Rivers was spending beyond by means and bouncing checks every month. She taught me how to stop blaming others for my inability to manage money and fearlessly face the reality of my money situation.

I have implemented all her ideas and teachings. The results have been spectacular. My money situation has completely turned around. I am so grateful and relieved. I no longer live in fear that I won’t have enough money to handle unexpected financial emergencies, and I have taken steps for the present and the future to build even more financial security.

Dr. Linda Coleman


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