Will power is still an over-arching theme for throughout the rest of September.  To read my initial will power post, click here.

This much will power can be a lot for many of us to handle with consistent elegance and grace.  Without paying attention, we can let our willpower get  out of control.  The best use of willpower is in support of our goals and dreams.  Which means it is important to be clear about our direction and then apply our will power to it.

We can get into trouble when we let our will power lead our actions.

I’ve been embroiled in a situation this week where another person’s will power has been over-influencing their communications.  The result has been to be on the receiving end of a bully!  It has not been fun.  And guess what?  My amped up will power has wanted to push back.  Hard.  I have had to sit back a number of times and get very clear about my own values and intentions so that I don’t go off half-cocked and get on their playing field with them.

My goal is to push back.  I am taking a stand.   I am grateful that I get access to an extra dose of will power right now.   And if I can keep my will power in the proper supportive role, I will have that extra energy to see me through to the resolution of this situation and do it on my own terms.

These next 2 weeks are going to be full of breakthroughs, new action and possibly too much will power getting in your way.  I’d love to hear your Will Power stories.  Don’t hesitate to share them with me.

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