Will Power and Heart.  These two energies have been at play for all of us these past two months and are still dominating at this time.

When there is alignment, between willpower and heart, this energy can be inspirational and propel people, situations and causes forward with new momentum.  When these energies are NOT in alignment, then the clashing and disruption can be quite profound.

When self-absorbed will power is dominating the energies, the image one of my mentors uses is that of a person who is wielding their elbows as weapons to surge themselves to the front of the line.  “Me first, me first.  Get out of my way. I must be at the front of the line.”   Or up front at the live concert.  Or up front and center at the Republican political debates.  Or terrorizing the city of Paris.  Me first.  Without regard for others.

But these energies can also be in a state of balance. When heart and willpower are in alignment, profound goodness comes forth; new possibilities are born for the benefit of the many.  I am not a Catholic, but I am utterly in awe and admire Pope Francis.  For me he embodies this alignment of willpower and heart perfectly.  He is bringing forth new possibilities within the Catholic Church and for the world with his compassionate, spiritual vision and his deep commitment to the humanity of all people.

So, how are these energies playing out in you? Where might you have your elbows poking those around you in an attempt to get to the head of the line? Even poked out just a little bit? Where, inside yourself, can you create even more balance between Will Power and Heart?

Shifting your energy can be as simple as letting those around you finish their thoughts before you respond, not entering into an argument on Facebook, or letting people merge on the freeway.

Just keep it simple.  How we do one thing can be seen in all that we do.  So starting with one simple piece of awareness can have a profound ripple effect.

We can either be playing a game of Me First, or a game of We First. What’s your choice?


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