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Catherine Rivers Coaching Philosophy

Are you leading in your life or following?

Cathy views leadership as a universal quality.  Leadership spans the personal and the professional.  It is one lens through which Cathy  views her clients and the coaching they do together.  Whether you are a leader of your organization, a leader of a business, the leader of your family or simply the leader of your own life, increasing your leadership capacity has dramatic and profound impacts.

But what exactly is leadership?  What attributes contribute to effective leadership?

Cathy believes there are three critical components to leadership.  1)  Being authentic, taking action from a place that is congruent with who you are.  2) Being empowered, taking action that comes from a source of positivity and strength, rather than acting from a reactive position of fear or insecurity.  3)  Having the right tools and knowledge.

The graphic on the right depicts Cathy’s overall coaching philosophy.  For a deeper discussion, keep reading below, also can download the paper:  Leadership By Design Philosophy.

Cathy’s coaching dramatically increases your ability to lead your life, career or business in new directions.  Her work is laser sharp.  Her clients see change happening quickly and often in quantum leaps.


Catherine Rivers Leadership Model


Do you embrace yourself unconditionally?

Do you feel confident and empowered?

Do you have the vision, plan and skills you need?


The Vital Three of Leadership

Unconditionally Embrace Yourself


Many people believe they need to ‘fix’ something about themselves. This belief is attention and time-consuming and often false. With Human Design we zero in on who you are, how you make decisions and how best to be interacting with others.  Clients consistently comment on the positive impacts of knowing their Designs.

When we embrace who we are, interact with empowerment, the results we generate increase profoundly.

The Leadership By Design Philosophy

Navigate Life Empowered

Are your gaps  found in the Navigate Life Empowered layer.  Many professionals seek out the next training / certification program, believing they need more knowledge, when what they are missing are one of the ‘Fundamental Five Empowerment Skills’ of: responsibility, self-worth, requests & demands, transparent conversations and trust.  For example: making effective requests & demands, increases your delegation & team building skills.

Empowerment supports you to employ your skills and knowledge to vision, plan, build and reap rewards.

Vision, Plan, Build

Gaps in leadership skills can prevent us from reaching our goals or slow our progress.  Knowing what gaps are most crucial to fill for the biggest benefit is what we bring to our clients.  Are you missing technical or skill knowledge? We will help you identify your Vision, Plan, Build gaps.

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