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Human Design Workshop

Saturday, October 21st from 10:00 to 4:00


The Human Design System is a tool for understanding yourself: how you are ‘wired’ to make decisions, how your energy guides you and interacts with others, and the nature of your inner wisdom.

When you act in alignment with your Human Design, life gets easier, you gain momentum and your confidence grows in leaps and bounds.

If you want bigger, more consistent results in your life, please consider this workshop.  Held in Olympia, WA at the beautiful Dancing Cedars Retreat Center.  

For more details check out the workshop flyer.  Contact Cathy Rivers to get your questions answered and to register. Cost is $150.  Includes workshop materials and text book.


My goal in teaching this class is to give coaches and therapists the information they need to use Human Design in their practice to increase their effectiveness with their clients. Human Design allows us to view each person individually, to better understand their energy levels and life tempo, to understand their decision making style and much more.  I will cover about 20 aspects of reading a person’s Design that allow you to see the richness of their being and how they are best suited to navigate life.

To read all the details, click here.  Or, just contact me and we can talk!  Cathy