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Human Design for Parents and Families

Parent According to Your Child’s Design

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Human Design Gives Parents Incredible Insights

& Effective Tools

What would it be like if every child came with an instruction manual?  Human Design gives you a blueprint, a road map, an instruction manual for how to best navigate life.  Knowing, understanding and parenting your child via their Human Design is just like getting an instruction manual.

Parenting would be easier if your child was just like you, if they made decisions the same way, if they approached life the same.  But they aren’t just like you.  It is in the ways that you are different that parents are most frequently challenged.


A Sample of the Insights That Have Made a Difference to Parents

All designs are beautiful and correct.  There is no right or wrong.  No design is better than or worse than another.  They are just unique and different.  Once we know how your family is the same and how they are different, communication and style can be adjusted with often immediate results.


  • You make decisions quickly.  Your child needs a lot of time to process their decisions.
  • You are very oriented to the needs of others.  Your child is more oriented towards individual expression.
  • You are a global, abstract thinker.  Your child is a linear processor.
  • You think things out logically ahead of time.  Your child learns by experimenting and figuring out the lesson after the fact.
  • You need rest periods during the day.  Your child wakes up and goes at a 100 mph until he falls asleep at night.
  • You are punctual and always ‘on time’.  Your child doesn’t operate on clock time and needs periods of time that are unstructured.
  • You love questions.  Your child needs statements and information.  Your other child needs recognition and invitations.
  • You are very sensitive to stress and want to ‘fix’ things immediately.  Your child has a different stress threshold is slower to respond.
  • You thrive on social interactions.  Your child needs alone time to decompress.  Yes, playing in the closet is perfect for them!

How We Work Together

How We Work Together

Step 1:  Let’s have a initial conversation to get your questions answered and to confirm this work is a good fit for you.  Give me a call, text or fill out my contact form.

Step 2: Our work starts with a 75-minute “Introductory Human Design Reading for Your Family” where I will share with  you the highlights of your designs, the strengths and naturally easy qualities of your family relationships, and go over aspects of your designs and style that function differently and are potential causes of conflict.  We end this session assessing the accuracy of the reading and the benefit of incorporating the guidelines of your designs into your daily interactions and parenting.  This session is recorded and sent to you.  The cost of the Introductory Reading is $225.

Step 3:  Learn to integrate your Human Design guidelines into your daily interactions with a 5-session “Create Your Family Design Blueprint”.  During the 5 sessions we go deep into the dynamics of your family relationships looking at the main aspects of your designs.  During each session we discuss one topic thoroughly and how it plays out in your relationships and parenting as either a source of strength or an area of potential conflict.  I outline concepts, strategies and exercises for you to practice in between sessions.  At the beginning of each session we review your homework from the previous session to make sure you are getting all you can out of the exercises.

As each session unfolds, you fill out your Human Design Blueprint Workbook.  Your Blueprint plus the session recordings provide you with invaluable tools and information that can enhance your parenting and family relationships going forward.

Each of the 5 sessions lasts for 75 minutes and are recorded.  A link to download the recording is sent to you immediately following each session.  Cathy is available for support and to answer questions between sessions via text or email.  The cost for the 5-Session “Create Your Family Design Blueprint” is $1125.

Do You Have Questions About Human Design?

Please reach out if you have questions.

People have different decision making styles.  Some people need information in order to reach a decision.  Others need time.  While others may just need to connect with me and hear the sound of my voice and my choice of words.

Fill out this form to send me an email.  Or reach out with a phone call or text to:  360.480.0183.  I am happy to answer any questions that you have.  Cathy

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