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In-Depth Human Design Sessions

Huge Benefits Happen As You Integrate Your Design

Growth and Transformation

All personal/professional growth and transformation work benefits from concentrated effort and attention over a span of time.  As much as we’d all like to take that magic pill and have our growth occur in a blink of an eye, it rarely happens that way.  Though, it can happen quickly.

Cathy starts all of her clients out with an initial introductory Human Design Reading.  A 75-minute session that highlights the fundamental aspects of your Design.  Most people that Cathy reads for are blown away by the accuracy of what she portrays.  She will likely clearly describe your life, how you act, how you feel, your strengths and the issues that you struggle with.

The introductory session is great for that sense of total affirmation of who you are. And yes, epiphanies do occur.  You do walk away with very valuable information that you can immediately leverage.  But that one session isn’t designed to help you incorporate the guidelines of your design into your daily routine.  It is the experimenting with your design over time that gives the biggest pay-off.

If this work resonates with you, then Cathy strongly recommends immersing yourself in learning about and experimenting with your Design guidelines over the span of 5 sessions.  These 5 in-depth sessions enable you to turn those epiphanies into permanent, transforming change.

Integrating Your Design Transforms Your Life

One of Cathy’s clients really needs to give themselves a ton of time when making major decisions.  A lot of time.  If they do this, they are going to consistently make high quality decisions for themselves and their family. 

However, this client had been characterizing themselves as stupid and a procrastinator!  But not any longer.  

The transformation for this client has been amazing.  They now fully support their own need to process things slowly, to let themselves do the research they need, to weigh things in their mind until they feel ready to act.  They now enjoy their decision-making process, are much more confident and see their own wisdom and brilliance.  

How We Work Together

How We Work Together

Step 1:  Let’s have a quick conversation to get your questions answered and to confirm this work is a good fit for you.  Give me a call, text or fill out my contact form.

Step 2: Our work starts with a 75-minute “Introductory Human Design Reading” where I will share with  you the highlights of your design, your strengths and natural qualities, how your design functions and potential areas that cause you conflict or distress.  We end this session assessing the accuracy of the reading and the benefit of incorporating the guidelines of your design into your daily routines and lifestyle.  This session is recorded and sent to you.  The cost of the Introductory Reading is $225.

Step 3:  Learn to integrate your Human Design guidelines into your daily interactions with a 5-session “Create Your Blueprint” program.  During the 5 sessions we go deep into the dynamics of your design.  During each session we discuss one topic thoroughly and how it plays out in your daily life as either a source of strength or an area of potential conflict.  I outline concepts, strategies and exercises for you to practice in between sessions.  At the beginning of each session we review your homework from the previous session to insure your actions and choices are aligning with your design.

As each session unfolds, you fill out your Human Design Blueprint Workbook.  Your Blueprint plus the session recordings provide you with invaluable tools and information that can enhance your day to day experience going forward.

Each of the 5 sessions lasts for 75 minutes and are recorded.  A link to download the recording is sent to you immediately following each session.  Cathy is available for support and to answer questions between sessions via text or email.  The cost for the 5-Session “Create Your Blueprint” is $1125.

Do You Have Questions About Your Human Design?

Please reach out if you have questions.

People have different decision making styles.  Some people need information in order to reach a decision.  Others need time.  While others may just need to connect with me and hear the sound of my voice and my choice of words.

Fill out this form to send me an email.  Or reach out with a phone call or text to:  360.480.0183.  I am happy to answer any questions that you have.  Cathy

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