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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system inclusive of many ancient wisdoms:  Western astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Kabbalah and the Hindu chakra system.  Human Design takes these ancient wisdoms and synthesizes them with quantum physics (specifically neutrino theory) and human genetics.  The result is a highly accurate depiction of how your energy works and provides an instruction manual for navigating your way through life.

Why Attend This Webinar?

Human Design is the most accurate, most effective tool that I have found to explain who we are and how to best operate in daily life.  You can immediately apply what you learn about your design and the results can be transformative.  One of my dear friends calls the process, “liberating.”

I view Human Design through the lens of a life and leadership consultant who is deeply committed to supporting her clients to create success in their personal and professional lives.  I have a gift for presenting complex topics in a way that makes the material easy to incorporate and apply.  As a Manifestor, I am a natural catalyst for change those that I engage with.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Any individual who wants to better understand themselves and have life be easier, unfold faster and create more success.
  • People in relationship who want to better understand their partner and improve their relationship.
  • Parents who want to understand the unique needs of their children.
  • Salespeople who want an authentic sales model.
  • Business owners and executives to want to set themselves and their teams up for success.
  • People in transition:  job seekers, changing careers, ready to retire.

What You Will Learn

This course is a 3-part webinar-based Human Design Workshop.  Each session is 90 minutes long.  You will learn 12 fundamental concepts of Human Design that can form the basis of an excellent introduction to this system.  At the end of this workshop series you will be able to understand your design and the design of others at a level that will support you to make massive change in your life and relationships.


Session 1:

  • The history, theory & science behind Human Design
  • 4 over-arching concepts that paint a backdrop for all the details of your design
  • The 4 Auras and 5 Types
  • Q&A

Session 2:

  • Your social mapping: the major circuits
  • Tempo #1 – Your capacity for action
  • Tempo #2 – Your speed of decision-making
  • Q&A

Session 3:

  • Waiting versus initiating
  • The source of your inner wisdom and how to recognize it
  • Entering into choices correctly
  • Q&A

Session 4:

  • External Conditioning:  Self or Not Self
  • The nature of the 9 Energy Centers
  • Putting it all together
  • Q&A

Logistics, Cost & How to Register:

Each session is approximately 75 minutes in length and will be held on each of the 4 Wednesdays of January 2016, starting at 5:30pm PST.

This workshop is held in a webinar format.  The Human Designs of all class members will be used as examples throughout the workshop.  Materials will be emailed to you prior to each session.  Questions will be responded to in class as time allows.

The cost of this workshop is $275.  To register (or just ask questions) fill out the contact form below.  Please include your phone number and Cathy will contact you to work out the details.


If you register before December 10th, Cathy will gift you with a complimentary, private mini reading prior to the beginning of the workshop.  This session will last 30 minutes and give you a jump start on knowing your own unique design and how to leverage this amazing information ASAP.

Want to learn more?

In the video, Cathy talks about her upcoming workshop. Check out the audio recordings for additional information about the benefits of Human Design. 

The Value of Human Design for My Job Search

with Jeff Urbanczyk | Length 13:29

Remember that moment in The Wizard of Oz movie where everything shifts from unyielding black and white to glorious technicolor? That’s what it’s like to work with Cathy Rivers.  One of the tools she uses is the Human Design model, but the  insights that bring the model to life are all Cathy’s.  It has been emancipating to my whole way of being to recognize, honor and rely on my own unique decision-making style.  Gone is the brick wall.  Gone is the toed line.  Present is the sunrise of opportunity to be in this world AS I AM.

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