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There is nothing I love more than watching people create and achieve what they desire. As a professional coach, I have amassed a treasure trove of empowerment, professional development  and leadership tools.  However, I found the ‘crown jewel’ of all tools in Human Design.

Human Design is incredibly accurate in describing a person’s personality and how they best navigate their world.  It makes immediate, transformative change possible.  Human Design helps me know how you process information, how quickly you make decisions, what you value, your special gifts and qualities, and much, much more.  As you work towards your goals, you receive coaching and insights that are tailored to exactly who you are.

My clients continually tell me how deeply I understand them in such a short amount of time, that the insights I provide are profound and that they are able to work on challenging topics while feeling completely safe and support.

Please, enjoy checking out my website.  And most importantly, contact me.  Let’s talk.  I am happy to answer your questions and share a bit about what I see in your Design and how it relates to your current endeavors.


Wishing you the best, Cathy


Professional Coach and Human Design Expert

Catherine Rivers

Certified Professional Coach

Human Design Expert

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Change Can Happen Quickly

Change can happen quickly:  a case study


One of my clients, a medical professional, recently opened his own practice.  While he had incredible skill and credentials in his field, he knew he had issues with empowerment and his executive skills.  We learned, via Human Design,  that he is geared for consistent high action and is a naturally quick decision maker, though, day to day, he didn’t trust his decision making.   Exploring his level of empowerment, it became clear that he did not have experience honoring his needs and setting clear boundaries.  As he gained confidence in these areas:  trusting a  faster decision-making process, honoring his needs and setting clear boundaries, his business acumen increased dramatically.  Now all the past learning about staff management, delegation and business planning could actually stick!

Recently he said, “Cathy, you told me that I wouldn’t recognize myself after 6 months.  I didn’t believe you then.  But I do now.”  He went on to share an event that happened that day that doubled his business!


Coaching Services

Coaching Services and Programs


I work with individuals, families, business owners and executives.

I offer individual sessions (sometimes 1 conversation is all a person needs!) as well as on-going coaching support and programs.  Each client engagement is tailored and unique to the client and their needs.

I am ALWAYS willing to have an initial conversation to talk about your needs and for you to get to know me and my approach.  Fit between the client and the coach is crucial.  So The best way to get started is to just pick up the phone and call me or contact me via email.   We will set up a time to talk over the phone or Skype and explore what you are seeking.

Coaching for Individuals


  • Individual Human Design Consultations
  • Empowerment Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Healthy Money Habits
  • Your Personal Mission, Vision & Core Values
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Personal Leadership
  • Career Fit
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Life Transitions
  • Life Purpose
  • I Want to Start a Business

Coaching for Professionals


  • The Executive Mindset
  • Leadership for Business Owners & Executives
  • Human Design for Your Professional World
  • Mission, Vision & Core Values
  • Creating Momentum & Results
  • The Art of Prioritization
  • Business & Project Planning
  • Delegation:  Generate Results by Empowering Others
  • Money Habits for Professionals
  • Creating Team & Building Team

Coaching for Partners & Families


  • Human Design for Partners
  • Human Design for Families
  • Empowerment Skills
  • Powerful Conversations
  • Empowering Your Relationship
  • Healthy Money Habits
  • Mission, Vision & Core Values for your Partnership or Family
  • Creating Momentum & Results
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Boundary Setting
  • Supporting Your Child with Human Design