These next two weeks are great for experimenting with willpower.  Willpower is about knowing what you want and having the drive to move through obstacles to make it happen.  From the perspective of Human Design, only 30% of the population has consistent access to willpower.  The rest of us (yes, I am in this group) only get access to willpower in spurts, of which the timing isn’t in our control.

But for the coming weeks, we all get to have the experience of consistent willpower. This is a time to make things happen in a bigger way.  Notice if it is easier for you to know what it is that you want. See if you find it easier to stick to your tasks and go that extra mile.  You may find an extra gear and be unstoppable.  Watch the people around you and be aware that they may be more driven to get their needs met.  Be sensitive to the fact that you might run over people with this extra energy or be the one to get run over!

These next 2 weeks are going to be full of breakthroughs and new action.  I’d love to hear your Will Power stories.  Don’t hesitate to share them with me.

Copyright 2015  Catherine Rivers