What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system inclusive of many ancient wisdoms:  Western astrology, the Chinese I Ching, the Kabbalah and the Hindu chakra system.  Human Design takes these ancient wisdoms and synthesizes them with quantum physics (specifically neutrino theory) and human genetics.  The result is a highly accurate depiction of how your energy works and provides an instruction manual for navigating your way through life.

You’ve probably attended multiple personal growth seminars and read lots of books about manifesting change and creating success in your life.  Maybe you’ve even studied specific techniques to help you release ‘blocks’ and get yourself ‘unstuck’. But you still haven’t seen the results you’ve been hoping for, even though you’ve been doing everything ‘right’.

It’s not your fault. The single most important reason you haven’t had the success you’ve been working so hard for is this: a one-size-fits-all approach to life does not work! All people are equally valuable and important.  But each of us has our own energetic blueprint and individual style of operating successfully in life.  What might work for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Knowing our Human Design provides each of us with information about our:

  • Energy levels and life tempo
  • Optimal decision-making strategy
  • How we are socially oriented to ourselves and others
  • Where our inner wisdom resides and how to move through life

There are many layers of nuance to each Human Design, but knowing these major themes can be liberating. Check out this diagram for a deeper understanding of these themes.

I still remember vividly explaining to a colleague that he didn’t have a design with a lot of action-oriented energy and that I imagined that he tired somewhat easily.  In that instant, he reframed his personal story from that of “my life is winding down and I won’t live long” to “it is perfectly acceptable for me to plan lots of rest into my work week and not try to keep up with my wife.”  Another client who is bursting with life force energy was down on herself for procrastinating and not trusting her own decision-making.  When I explained that she actually needed to allow new decisions time to percolate, but in the meantime could move full steam ahead on those things she was clear about, her whole life shifted…for the better.

What is a Human Design Reading?

A Human Design Reading starts with the calculation of your personal design using your date of birth, time of birth and birth location.  The result is a graphic called a Bodygraph that contains all the information needed for me to educate you about your human design and your energy blueprint.

During a private reading we will go deep into the attributes that make you uniquely you.  Ahead of time, I always ask you what issues you are currently working through and I frame a lot of the information I am giving in terms of your actual life situations and how your energy interacts with those around you.

We cover the following information:

  • Understanding your type and strategy and the implications for your energy levels and how to start your decision-making process
  • Knowing where your inner wisdom resides, how to access it and relate to it, how to guide your own decision-making process
  • Understanding how your 9 energy systems function and what your pattern of defined versus undefined energy means for your daily life.
  • Knowing what channels are defined in your chart and what that says about your native gifts, talents and qualities

My readings last from 90 minutes up to 2 hours.  If you are local, we can meet in my office, or we work virtually via the phone or Skype.

I do readings for:  individuals, partners in relationship, parents and their children, and business/work teams.

I am always happy to answer your questions about human design and do a mini reading to support your decision making process.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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